Donner Lake Triathlon Blog

Donner Lake Aquabike Race Report 2018

DLT Half Aquabike Race Report from BBA Ambassador Jonalyn Forman This race was my first aquabike race ever AND my first race back post hip surgery. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but overall felt prepared. Boy, was I wrong! I showed up early for packet

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How to Prep Your Meals Like a Pro Triathlete

Check out these great dietary tips from Outside Magazine 1.  Make batches ahead of time 2.  Stop Loathing Leftovers 3.  Never make just one meal 4.  Have a quick stand bye at the ready…yogurt anyone?! 5.  Make adding in veggies easy! For the rest of the article

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Truckee Open Water Swim

Did you know that the Truckee Open Water Swim, part of the Sierra Open Water Swim Series is happening on Saturday July 25th? Maybe you can swim on Saturday and Triathlon on Sunday? Click here for information.

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