Donner Lake Duathlon

Sunday July 28, 2024

Course | Aid Stations

Run 1: The first Run is 2 miles out and back from the venue. Course Maps page.

Bike: The bike course takes place on Old Highway 40. The entire course is paved. The Bike course is open to vehicle traffic.

The Olympic bike course is 40K (24.8 miles) and is also an out-and-back course. Cyclists start their ride with a climb up to the top of Donner Pass (about 1125’). This portion, first and last 4 miles, of the bike course is closed to all vehicular traffic (except emergency vehicles). Upon reaching the pass you will have a great view of Donner Lake and the Truckee Valley. You continue westbound along Old Highway 40, passing Sugar Bowl and Donner Ski Ranch, cabins, ponds and other wonderful scenery. This portion of the course is relatively flat with small rolling hills. Upon reaching I-80, you will cross over the freeway and continue towards Kingvale. This portion of the coures is surrounded by trees and you can often glimpse the South Yuba River. The turn-a-round point will include an aid station where you can toss your water bottle in exchange for a new one (either filled with water or fluid replacement). The course concludes with a curvy and speedy descent down Scenic Old Highway 40 where we remind you to use extreme caution.

The Foot Down Bike Stop: Whether you are competing in the Sprint, Olympic, Aquabike, or Half distance, you will be required to perform a foot down stop at the bottom of the descent, before continuing on to re-enter the transition area. A foot down stop means one of your feet comes out of your bike clips (or off your pedal) and rests on the ground in a designated spot while your bike is at a complete stop for a minimum of 3 seconds. The reason for the foot down stop is a purely a safety issue. Should the foot down not be enforced, we would be cleaning up cyclists’ carnage as they attempted (unsuccessfully) to make the 130 degree turn back into the transition area at 45 mph. Everyone has to do the foot down stop so there is no advantage/disadvantage for anyone. Failure to comply will result in a DQ and there are absolutely no exceptions.

Mount/Dismount Area: At the Donner Lake Triathlon, you are not permitted to ride your bike in the transition area. There is a mount and dismount area outside of the bike start/bike finish tents.

Run 2:

The Duathlon Run 2 course includes a 6.5 mile run. Duathletes head out of the transition area on the North side (same as bike in/out) and turn right on Donner Pass Road. Athletes travel along Donner Pass Road with views of the lake to their right for about 3 miles. This portion is relatively flat. Then participants turn right and head into Donner Memorial State Park. Here a very short section of the course is on a trail. As participants exit Donner Memorial State Park, they will start the final section of the run course on South Shore Drive. South Shore Drive features three hills. Both courses conclude at the finish line at the West End Beach. There will be four water/fluid replacement stations along the Olympic run course.

Aid Stations

Bike Aid Stations

There is one Bike Aid Stations with the following:

  • Water
  • Electrolyte beverage

Your container can be refilled at the bike aid stations.

Run Aid Stations

No aid on Run 1

There are five Run 2 Aid Stations with the following:

  • Water
  • Electrolyte beverage
  • Cola
  • Energy Gel
  • Salty Snack such as chips or pretzels
  • Fruit
  • Sunscreen
  • Vaseline

Race Recovery Aid Station

  • Water
  • Recovery beverage
  • Cola
  • Other items TBD year to year