Donner Lake Triathlon – July 22-23, 2017

Sprint Triathlon

Donner Lake Triathlon Sprint

Online registration:

  • Closes at 11:00PM Thursday July 20th for the KIDS and SPRINT race
  • Closes at 10:00PM Friday July 21st for the OLYMPIC and HALF race

The Sprint swim course is 1/4 mile in Donner Lake with two left turns. Corners are marked by large buoys and kayakers/boats are along the course to ensure your safety. The average water temperature of Donner Lake in July is 64-69 degrees. Wetsuits are optional. The swim course maps are posted on our Course Maps page.

The bike course takes place on Old Highway 40. The entire course is paved.
The Sprint bike course is 6 miles total- 3 miles each way up to Donner Summit and back. The total climb on the bike for the sprint course is about 975’. The turnaround point is at the view area on Rainbow Bridge (will be well marked and staffed on event day). There is no aid station on the sprint bike course and athletes are encouraged to bring a full water bottle with them on their bike.

The Sprint run course features a 2 Mile out-and-back run on South Shore Drive. Triathletes leave the transition area on the South side of the parking lot. You will pass two aid stations while on the run: one as you leave the transition area and the other at the turn-a-round point.

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